About Chase

About Chase

Hey friends, family, and world! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Whether you’re a long time friend, friend of a friend, family, acquaintance, coworker, employer, potential employer, potential lover, or just had this blog pop up on a google search – I’m glad you’re here!

I started this blog right before beginning my Peace Corps service in 2014, and have decided to continue documenting my journey since that time. I grew up in Utah, going to high school in southern Utah and then moving to Salt Lake City where I attended the University of Utah. I am not Mormon, but that doesn’t impact my view of the state – I love Utah. The diverse topography, full seasons, and great friends and family I have from there make it one of my favorite places to be.

That being said, up to age 30, I had spent most of my life in Utah and I knew it was time to get moving. This page will chronicle my journey from that point, starting with a move to South America and ending who knows where. I hope you find some value from my experiences shared. I believe we all have a life we are intended to live, a function we are meant to fulfill. I think that function is best met through the connection and sharing of our individual experiences.

Through listening, reading, and traveling I hope to gain understanding.

Through sharing, writing, and service I hope to impart understanding.

In the end, I believe we all want our life to mean something. A life that has a simple, yet exponentially compounding impact for good.

For me, that’s a life worth chasing.


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