The Heat is Real

I guess we could say it’s been a hot minute since my last blog update, and it’s been LOTS of hot minutes here lately.  The rainy season has officially wound down, and the past few weeks have been dominated by the relentless pounding of the sun.  Among the many things I’ve learned through this Peace […]

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Patience is a Virtue

I want to thank everyone for patiently waiting on this next blog post! 🙂 However, the title is not in reference to that (although such patience is much appreciated), but rather to summarize a lesson I’m continuing to learn throughout my time in Guyana.  Few things here happen quickly or efficiently, and then one day…everything […]

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New Stories

You reach for the stars                 In pursuit of something of new You leave what you know                 To experience something true Soon enough                 The new becomes the old Soon enough                 The stories are retold No matter where you are                 No matter what you do […]

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Back to Guyana

It was like Déjà vu, but a little worse.  The excitement and variety of the holidays was over, and I was at the airport, saying good bye to friends and the comforts of America once again.  The difference being that now, instead of going into the exciting unknown, I knew all too well the situation […]

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Getting Through

I’ve been waiting for what seems like hours just to get on.  When it finally comes, with some hesitation, I manage to board.  I’ve been on this before, but each time feels like the first.  I know it should be safe, but something tells me that this is not always so.  The speed at which […]

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