Guyana Bound

On April 27th, 2014, I will be leaving the life I’ve known in Salt Lake City, UT for the past 10+ years to begin a new 27 month adventure with the United States Peace Corps in Guyana, South America. I will be providing service through a Community Development & Health Promotion project, more details of which I will have after a 3 month in-country training and assessment. This page is intended to share the experiences, thoughts, and memories I encounter along the way. As the site title suggests, I not only hope to give of myself through the Peace Corps, but also discover more about myself and the life I am intended to live beyond the next 27 months. Some updates may be deep and reflective at times, but others hopefully interesting, funny, and lighthearted as well. Your feedback and comments on any posts are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for stopping by my page, and please keep in touch!

-Chase G.

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